Expenses (sometime contracted to "exes")is a term in British office speak used to refer to the attributable treats, out of pocket expenditures and miscellaneous other perquisites of the 9 to 5 office worker's existence such as expenditure incurred in travelling to outlying branches (or, conversely to head office if your place of languishment should be some dim and dismal outpost of the corporate empire), and just occasionally the decent lunch paid for by the company when entertaining some visiting and significant customer or panjandrum. The unfortunate logical corollary of expenses is the expenses form, a salutary reminder of the implicit moral culpability of the spending of company money usually to be completed in triplicate, signed in blood and delivered with head bowed and upon bended knee to the accounts department. In order to reinforce the notion that the incurring of expenses is an undesirable trait in an employee, the process of reimbursement is a slow and laborious process, hedged around with the ever present possibility that the accounting ninjas may decide that your claim is frivolous or unwarranted and you will end up in that most undesirable of predicaments, out of pocket.

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