I love thee to the level of everyday's Most quiet need,  

 by sun and candle-light.





From a distance they are just two people,

a couple standing next to a car, 

                                                                          his back against the driver's side, she is pressed up against him  



How small,  

how slight,  the movement of her fingertips

                                                                          tracing the edges of his coat,  brushing the hair out his eyes 


Maybe this is a goodbye,  

One of them might be leaving town 

                                                                         but the affection makes it clear this is temporary, not an end    


not a desperate embrace,

it is a tender series of touches 

                                                                        she is letting him know what she will miss

                                                                        he is allowing her time to show it 












from the  Sonnet #43, from the Portuguese

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