n. peace of mind after a pleasant dream.

Thanks to Google, I found this word defined on about a dozen different sites. Not one defined it with any alternate phrasing (though most can't spell "pleasant"), and none gave derivation info. I can tell you that phrenes is Latin for "delirium," and "eu-" generally denotes something pleasant (euphoria, euphony).


http://stommel.tamu.edu/~baum/skb_dict.html .. and others which say the same thing

http://www.crcwnet.com/~murdock/pneuma/clouds/   is not interesting at all, nor relevant really.

Editor's note. Originally noded as 'euneirophrenia'. This should be euoneirophrenia, from all Greek roots: eu 'well', oneir- 'dream', and phren- 'mind'. - Gritchka

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