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I'm crashing blindly through the conceptual maze that is Everything. Perhaps that makes me one of the People who take "Everything" too seriously. I've infested my office with mosquitos, and I'm going to regret it real_soon_now. My friend Matt&.Hickey has a cold today. I hope he gets better soon ;-). Did I mention that I'm developing an Everything Addiction TM?
Some more about me:
  • Jimmy Durante Built my website
  • living in Holland.
  • working for ESA
  • secretly in love with CmdrTaco or maybe Hemos
  • or maybe not
  • I think Portland, OR is as close to an ideal city as we have in America. Though sadly we've left there. I met my. wife and my best friend in Portland at Reed College. I just found a friend of mine named mim on Everything. I haven't talked to mim in a long time, but we used to work together at teleport aka ISP hell.