EHG2 (Ethical Hacker Guardian Group) since 1998 is an italian ethical hacker group. The feature of EHG2 is the incredible performance in seminars or forums about ICT Security, where they show newest computer attacks and relative countermeasures. Unfortunately video and documentation are very difficult to find (and this is their second feature). Co-founder of EHG2 is Francesco Arruzzoli one of countless grey figures operating for years in the field of information security as an ethical hacker (CEH, CHFI) and security analyst (CompTIA Security +, ECSA). Eclectic expert systems developer, was one of the first software developers, in the early 90, that porting GIS systems in a Windows environment and advanced programming systems, CAD, among its highlights written the book "AutoCAD 12 Update "Published by the publishing house ADDISON WESLEY (ISBN 88-719-20503). In the Italian security forum EHG2 is known to develope software like PenBot for Penetration-Test and verifying the security of network systems and a MyCipher software for encryption and steganography of confidential data .



(a rare video of a presentation by one of the founders of EHG2: Francesco Arruzzoli)

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