There was once a fine restaurant in Philadelphia on 39th between Chestnut and Walnut. It was called Troy's. They sold beer to anyone. One could get carded at Troy's, however this usually took a combination of a babyface and stupidity.

Troy's had a wonderful after-heavy-drinking menu, was always open, and even had the owner's relatives playing very high-quality greek music (no not *that* kind, sicko) on occasion.

Well, they had a menu item called an eggel. Yes, it was made egg and a bagel. Very good. This thing was the greasiest egg you ever saw. It blended with the booze and made your stomach feel much better.

I heard that they closed Troy's due to liquor law violations. That's a shame. I doubt if college students in the area have a similar venue in latter-day times. Bummer.

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