Hello edevers. I could use your help in testing the app. I'm rolling up the new platform application to test Ubuntu precise over Squeeze. Why might you ask? A few reasons:

  • Ubuntu's release train moves faster than Debian, so we get more modern components faster.
  • It will allow me to test our upcoming move to mysql 5.5 (from 5.1)
  • Amazon's default linux image is based upon Ubuntu LTS, so I don't have to spend as many cycles rolling up our own AMI. I can manage a smaller delta set between the default image and ours, instead of relying on more external AMI providers and script writers.
  • More modern versions of Moose and Mason2 are available as Debian packages

Debian is our current choice for platform for legacy reasons; it was nate's (and my own) distro of choice, so I continued for compatibility, in an effort to reduce the delta needed to move to AWS. I'd would however like to catch up to more modern software. Sound good? Great! I need extra eyes to test the application because I inherited this code without an applicable testing suite. Here's how you can help!


  • Install VirtualBox
  • Install Vagrant (a version higher than 1.2). Note that if you were using the gem version of vagrant, it has been abandoned
  • Check out our repository, specifically the edev_platform_update_precise branch.
  • Change directory to vagrant/ and run vagrant up. That will download the image appliance and apply our production recipes to bring it up to date. You can then interact with the site as you would normally. Log in as 'root' with a password of 'blah', create users, or do whatever you'd like. Note that the first vagrant up has a lot of security updates to download, so it takes like half an hour to build the image. Production won't be like this, it's an artifact of me matching it up.
I need help making sure that the application works properly. Specific areas of difference with the Ubuntu drop:
  • Mysql's grant statement syntax changed slightly.
  • perl has been upgraded (squeeze: v5.10.1, ubuntu: v5.14.2)
  • Apache has been upgraded (squeeze: Apache/2.2.16, ubuntu: Apache/2.2.22)
  • mysql 5.1 to mysql 5.5. Of particular note, the mysql client is now utf8 by default.
  • Mod_perl2 has a problem with bugzilla where it doesn't ship either Linux::Pid or a properly working Apache2::SizeLimit, so I had to hand-jam both of those items in the recipe
  • All of the perl modules have taken an update (DBI, dbd::mysql, etc)

Any time that people could toss in for the project would be great. Thank you!

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