One of my many pet peeves:

  • Taco Bell: plain taco, 79 cents. 10 pack of tacos, $7.99, although it does come with a handy cardboard carrying case.
  • Albertson's supermarket: single pack Scott toilet paper (the cheapest) something like 39 cents. 6 pack of Scott toilet paper, $2.55
  • Albertson's supermarket: Albertson's brand frozen waffles. 8-waffle package, something like $4.00. 12-waffle package, around $8.00. On top of that, the 8-waffle package is frequently on sale, while the 12-waffle package get old in the freezer section

Have the evil corporations set it so that the American education system is so incompetent that the average American can not do simple arithmetic?

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