Everything2 is like a Gold's Gym for the mind. People stand around, exercising their mental muscles while often forgetting that the brain is attached to that other thing: the body. I'm not saying we should all unplug our computers and go out and purchase cross trainer tennis shoes and a Bowflex, but it would be nice to have a place within e2 where people can discuss general health topics. If you have a question about the proper maintenance of a vegetarian diet, then e2health is where you should turn. If you have found some interesting information about the side effects from a common over-the-counter allergy drug, then we in e2health would like to hear about it. If you want to know about experiences other noders have had with a certain brand of contact lens cleaning solution, you've found the right place to ask. If you want to discuss the season-premier final episode of Buffy the Survivor Battle of the Sexes Boot Camp Challenge Loves Raymond... e2health is probably not that place. Enjoy and be healthy!

Members of this usergroup are encouraged to share health-related writeups they write or find on e2 with each other, and to not downvote each other's health-related writeups.

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