Abbreviation for "electronic magazine", distinguished primarily by being coded and boasting an interface allowing to choose which articles to read and in what environment (with the ability to alter the menus - often in ANSI art - and the accompanying music - often tracked music.

Some famous e-mags include Kithe, The Product, Terbium, Undergrown, Bitchslap, Distorted, Beyond the Horizon and Gutter.


Second physics class after Particle Dynamics,or party-di, at Georgia Institute of Technology before the switch to the semester system. The greatest weed-out class ever. The jokes and horror stories of this class abound. For example, Georgia Tech's "symbol" is the shaft. E-mag is, however, the only class where, in addition to the shaft you were getting, they also supplied you with a vat of vaseline upon signing up. The general progression of one's school career upon taking e-mag was said to follow the pattern of e-mag, re-mag, three-mag, management. Showing that after failing Electro-magnetics three times one was quite ready to become the lowest-of-the-low and switch to the management major despite risking the ridicule of every engineering major at the school.

I managed to avoid this class by failing out of a completely different weed-out class, but we won't go into that.

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