Antechinus swainsonii!

Hot damn! It's nocturnal! Sweet Lord! It's a marsupial!

What does it look like?
A lot like a mouse with a long pointy nose, dig it. Its body is about 121 cm long and has a long tail. It weighs about 50g. The fur on its head is gray and it becomes darker on the sides, feet, and ass area.

Where does it live?
The species is found on the southeast coastal regions of mainland Australia. In Tasmania, the dusky antechinus prefers rainforests and wet sclerophyll forests! It usually nests in hollow logs, woo!

What can it do?
The Antechinus scampers about in search of prey and can run upside down on tree branches!

What does the little bastard eat?
It usually eats insects, flowers and nectar. But may also eat small birds and MICE! It has an unusual habit when eating bony animals like birds and mice; it neatly turns their skins inside out while eating them.

And how does it fuck?
Well, children, the dusky antechinus, in common with the swamp antechinus, has a remarkable breeding biology. Copulation only occurs during a short season in winter. The males, driven to somewhat frenzied sexual activity due to raised testosterone levels, compete vigorously for females. Within three weeks, almost all the males in the population are dead! This male die-off is largely brought on by the high stress levels associated with the physiological changes brought on by the breeding period. That'll teach em.

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