Duck Hook(golf slang)

A shot in golf where the flight path of the ball is low and hard left, with excessive right-to-left spin. Often finds the ball out of bounds, in the woods, or in the next fairway. The duck hook, and the hook in general are the bane of hockey players turned golfers and of those golfers guilty of closed club faces at set up, falling back on the right leg during the back swing, and those with an overly strong grip.

To be differentiated from a Pull where the ball's flight path is basically straight, but significantly left of the target.

(it must be noted that for a left handed golfer all aspects of the swing, and descriptions of the flight path of the ball must be reversed i.e. a lefty's duck hook is low hard and to the right with excessive left-to-right spin, and a lefty duck hooker may fall back on his left(rather than right) leg. thanks to dannye for pointing out this "rightist" bias in the write up

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