Drisk is a synonym for a fall of rain.

I came across the word when reading "Chapter I" in Christian Bök's book, Eunoia.

Since it is a noun, and not a verb, one cannot say that it drisks, or that it is drisking outside, or that it drisked yesterday, no more than one can say that it rainfalls, it is rainfalling, or that it rainfell. Downpour and cloudburst are the only other synonyms that I can think of that fit this mould.

Henry David Thoreau supports this meaning of the word in these quotes:
A mizzling and rainy day with thick driving fog; a drizzling rain or "drisk" as one called it.
-The River
Again we mistook a little rocky islet seen through the "drisk," with some taller bare trunks or stumps on it, for the steamer with its smoke-pipes, but as it had not changed its position after half an hour, we were undeceived.
-The Maine Woods

And I found another poem by the title, "In the Drisk".

It is a word in Finnish, and another in Slovenian, but I don't yet know as what it might translate, in either case.

It is also a boy's name, and at least one dog goes by the name of "Drisk".

I have seen it used as a nickname for a computer memory device being something between a drum, and a disk.

Also, in 1985, there was a text adventure, STARCRYSTAL, EPISODE I - MERTACTOR: THE VOLENTINE GAMBIT, for use under the Games Designers' Workshop's 1977 "Traveller" system, wherein the definition of drisk is provided as "Vernacular, meaning "without worth" or "value beyond measuring," depending on context. Alternately, the self-perpetuating desolation which covers most of the surface of Mertactor", where Mertactor is the planet of gameplay.

And, still, I am pretty sure that this list is not exhaustive. You will help me, of course, if you can.

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