A dark, opaque lager made in the bock style. The beer is similar to dunkel bock only more malt and hops are used, resulting in a darker, sometimes black colour. Despite the name, it is not twice as strong as a bock, but is nevertheless alcoholic enough for most people, with strengths greater than 10% ABV considered unremarkable for this type of beer.

This style of beer will damage your wallet if not your liver.

Doppelbock was first brewed in German monasteries for consumption by monks during the Lent fasting period. It is reputedly very healthy for you, and having drunk a litre to assist in accurate noding I can say that I do indeed feel pretty good for having drunk it. The flavour is chocolatey and malty like a high gravity ale, but with the clean, dry taste of a lager and a pleasing though simple hop aroma. Kulminator is a good example of this style. Terminator is marketed as doppelbock but is actually an eisbock

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