Dis`si*pa"tion (?), n. [L. dissipatio: cf. F. dissipation.]


The act of dissipating or dispersing; a state of dispersion or separation; dispersion; waste.

Without loss or dissipation of the matter. Bacon.

The famous dissipation of mankind. Sir M. Hale.


A dissolute course of life, in which health, money, etc., are squandered in pursuit of pleasure; profuseness in vicious indulgence, as late hours, riotous living, etc.; dissoluteness.

To reclaim the spendthrift from his dissipation and extravagance. P. Henry.


A trifle which wastes time or distracts attention.

Prevented from finishing them [the letters] a thousand avocations and dissipations. Swift.

Dissipation of energy. Same as Degradation of energy, under Degradation.


© Webster 1913.

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