A philosophy supporting the dismantling or subversion of the current political or social establishment. Contrast with establishmentarianism.

Often associated with anarchy, disestablishmentarianism is sometimes misapplied to groups whose philosophy happens to go against the accepted norm. If a group's goals do not specifically include changing the current political or social establishment, that group's philosophy is not truly disestablishmentarian.

Historically, the disestablishmentarianists were English citizens who believed that the Church of England (the Anglican Church) should no longer be state-sponsored. More information can be found at http://www.paulbirch.net/EstablishedChurch.html.

Sometimes considered the longst word in the English Language -- which is a fallacy since English allows words of unlimited length to be constructed: antidisestablishmentarianism, antiantidisestablishmentarianism, and so on. An organization supportting a disestablishmentarian organization could even consider themselves prodisestablishmentarianists.

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