You already have the method of diaper changing stated, but here is the process from a 'Mother's point of view'. Needless to say I (and probably speaking for most of the Ma's out there) would love to hand this job over to a reconstructed Male.
BUT, the truth of the matter is that they are few and far between.

So here it is :

Each day I have a dirty task,
I have to wipe the shit off my son's soiled arse.

Every so often I get a hint of a whiff,
that causes me to go near his botty and have a sniff.

I inhale the odour for a moment or two,
in order to make sure that he's done a pooh.

Then I carry him up the flight of stairs,
in order to perform the whole changing affair.

I lay him down on the changing mat,
and place lots of toys near where he's at.

I take off his bottoms and his diaper/nappy too,
then I use pampers wet-wipes to remove all the doo-doo.

When his bum is cleaned and is nice and fresh,
I smear Sudocrem on his peachy bum flesh.

I put a fresh nappy on him and his bottoms as well,
and then I am satisfied that he is free of dirt and smell.

I then throw his soiled nappy in the Sangenic nappy bin,
and proceed to the bathroom sink to wash my hands in.

We both come back down because the task is done,
I don't enjoy the process, but I think he has fun...

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