Deer chasing is simply chasing deer. This idea of running after uncatchable objects came from walking around in the woods behind my house. There is very little skill involved or any kind of weapon. The only way this idea came into my head was by chance. I saw a deer and decided to run after it. It seems to be quite the foolish exercise but I must confess, it is fun. Through my attempts of catching these beasts of agility I further gained respect of the creature.

I suggest chasing deer. It is a work out, it reminds the chaser of its position in the scheme of immortality and it is quite heart pounding. Caution: there is risk involved. I can recall a time when I was chasing a female and as it leaped away I saw a still object: a tall, muscled buck. My taunting game soon turned to a folly. I stopped as quickly as I could and stood, frozen, awaiting to be the hunted not the hunter. I was not sure if it would fear me or not, as I took a step closer, it took a step forward as well. Thus, I slowly retreated and walked the opposite direction. Don't mess with bucks.

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