The idea that anybody under 18 in public during school hours must be skipping school and therefore should be stopped and forced to prove they have a reason, and if they can't then detain them. (So much for innocent until proven guilty)

This seems like a really stupid idea to me for several reasons:

  • I was homeschooled (unschooled to be specific) up to college so daytime curfew times shouldn't apply to me. I had to learn. I didn't have to sit from 0800h to 1500h every week day and pretend to learn.
  • What sort of proof? A note from your parents (gee, that's hard to fake? It seems this could tremendously inconvenience people who for a valid reason aren't in school, placing the burden of the fact that some people skip school (and their parents don't care) on the good kids and their parents. Don't punish me because other kids and parents are irresponsible. This isn't something like gun control, where nonregulation can results in thousands of deaths each year.
  • Prohibiting non-criminals from going out in public except in emergency situations means that it's not open to the public. Sidewalks and public parks are now VIP clubs?

Similar bad ideas: night curfew, the War on Some Drugs

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