If I were to believe in creationism, I would say that eating is God's gift to all.
Man or woman, gay or hetero, black or white, ignorant or omniscent,
we can all agree on a well-crafted meal. Food is an artform, the cook has
the power to influence all at his table - unknowing, he manipulates
their tastebuds, which are at other times so well disguised.

He makes them feel pleasure and pain,
the bitterness of dark chocolate and the lofty creme...
If skilled, he leads them through a serenade of emotions appropriate to the occasion.

It is wise to incorporate minimalism in ones cooking, for
no one likes the feeling of fullness. Less common themes are spice
and relief, in which one serves food that is incredibly spicy,
so spicy that tears begin to form - then a light dessert of chocolate is served.

If that strikes as masochistic, one should consider the
playful meal. A light soup is followed by some airy courses
(sprouts in sauce, etc.) and finished by an airy

The most neglected part of all in the west is presentation.
Food can only taste as good as it looks, when arranging, achieve
harmony on the table, don't crowd the area around the
eater. Make your food look most appealing, if you have a soup,
make something float on the top. It is
often to the cook's advantage to serve many smaller meals, as no emphasis is put on one thing.

Your food is your language and your touch in one. Use it as such.

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