The sky was crimson red as the sun rose up from behind the endless, rolling hills. The sound of artillery fire echoed in the distance and scattered rifle shots rang out all around us. Us... Just me and Porter. I stood up, just to stretch my legs you know? But then it happened, I felt this sting in my left thigh, a moment later the sound of a nearby gunshot. My leg buckled as I felt a second stab piercing my chest. Followed by the sound. I felt myself hitting the ground...

I regained consciousness, Oh God it hurts everywhere. I rolled over to try and see where Porter was at, but I couldn't see him nowhere. I don't know what's going on... With a cough, excruciatingly painful, I tasted blood on my tongue as I writhed in agony, groaning, trying to roll over onto my belly. The vile taste of my blood grew more profound, the pain in my chest was so intense that my leg almost didn't hurt at all, until of course I rolled over and this fucking twig stuck into it. God almighty! I thought as I quickly scrambled to remove the invading foliage.

What? what was that? I heard something, I heard someone speaking, and it wasn't English, I know that much. "Nazi Fuck" I heard Porter yell, gunshots followed, it sounded like a Tommy going off. Ada boy! I knew that Porter wouldn't be far off, I could hear someone scream out in pain, Where's my gun? I looked around rather lethargically, trying not to hurt too much, A glint caught my eye, Ah Pretty Belinda. It was my Colt 45, a lifesaver, or taker, if you happen to be on the receiving end.

Slowly... Painfully... Inch by inch I clawed my way towards Pretty Belinda, more shots rang out behind me and I could hear Porter yelling obscenities, I need to help him. Finally, the familiar cold feeling of Belinda in my hand. I coughed up more blood while turning around towards Porter. The pain was tremendous, but strangely my leg stopped hurting, actually felt kinda numb. Dense shrubbery lay before me, no one I could see, but I suspect that Porter was beyond it.

My approach was slow, but determined. Every second hurt like hell, but I can't just leave my buddy to die. Not after all we have been through, more gunfire and more screams filled the air, getting louder and louder as I neared. But I stopped hearing the Tommy, I could still hear rifles shooting, but I can't hear Porter shooting back. Am I too late? My resolve strengthened, hate filled my soul, pain meant nothing anymore. No one kills my buddies and lives to tell the story! I readied my gun, the rifles stopped shooting and I heard Porter scream: "I surrender, Fuckin' stop shooting you Kraut bastards!" Everything started to ache and pain again, I guess hate is fleeting.

I reached the shrubs and slowly peeked through, Porter was standing: hands held high. Two Krauts, I could see a third one, but I guess Porter saw him first though. I lay still, everything is feeling so surreal, my hands becoming numb and prickly, my nose too. The one Kraut walked up to Porter, telling him to get on his knees in filthy Pig Latin. The other had his K98 pointed at my buddy.

The Kraut nearest to Porter kicked his knees out from under him, I could see him going for his Walther. Oh fuck, they're gonna murder him! I had to do something, I had to save Porter. I focused my increasingly foggy mind, Fuck, this is it. "Oi you Kraut Piss-hole!" I yelled, granted, not my best insult ever, but it got their attention. I took aim on the one and shot, He fell, but god only knows where I hit him, The other one grabbed his pistol, but Porter was on him like a rabid weasel. I took aim on the downed fuck and shot again, just to be sure. Porter grabbed his pistol, and they wrestled for it, the Nazi bit his hand and Ported kicked him in the balls, I took aim, but they were too close to each other. The Nazi elbowed Porter in the gut and he was knocked back, he kicked Porter on the leg and he fell down for a moment, the Nazi whipped the Walther free and spun it around to take aim. Belinda sang her song and the Kraut kneeled, I shot again, and again, but I couldn't feel my hand anymore, the Kraut collapsed entirely, and Belinda slipped out of my hand.

"We won!" I exclaimed, and Porter turned all teary eyed to me... He said something... But I could not hear him, I looked at him as he started running to me, I couldn't hold my head up and I closed my eyes, never to open them again.

-The bravest of all men are the Unknown Soldiers.

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