I'm sure most people by now have realized that corn syrup is an ingredient in almost any food with an ingredients tag - at least in America. This sugar replacement is everywhere, and nobody seems to realize, or care, why. The truth is there is a Conspiracy here. Or better yet - a Cornspiracy.

America produces a lot of corn, which after being processed into corn syrup ends up in most processed foods. You might think that it's just a sweetener but not every food needs to be sweetened. The truth is that the government wants the people to consume massive quantities of corn syrup.

Here are some interesting facts i've uncovered during my tireless researching I just did:

  • 80 Million acres of American land are used to grow corn
  • 20 percent of our corn production is exported
  • Lab rats given high amounts of fructose developed serious problems, especially in copper deficient rats
  • We are always told NOT to eat pennies
  • Many Americans are copper deficient
  • Now when you come to the logical conclusion of these facts, you realize that Americans are being given high doses of corn syrup, while being maintained in a copper deficient state. This is done purposely through the use of cunning propaganda. Why can't I eat a goddamn penny?

    Unfortunately, it doesn't end there. Although I can't find hard evidence I guarantee that corn syrup is highly addictive. I say this because apparently during the Vietnam War many American soldiers suffered from lack of sugar. This means of course that the US Government has in effect drugged the population. We are addicted to corn syrup and don't even know it.

    You might be asking why? Imagine for a while that Americans decided to rise up against their government. What protection do the People in Charge have? Simple - they remove corn syrup from our diets and we experience the disabling effects of withdrawals. Have you ever seen a junkie going through heroin withdrawals? I bet they weren't overthrowing a government. We would be totally incapable of doing anything and pretty soon we'd fall back in line.

    Hopefully this has informed you on the hidden agenda in your diet, and if you don't believe me then try eating only foods that don't contain corn syrup. Or, you can try neutralizing the effects by eating pennies. See what happens.

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