Also a Japanese manufacturer of leaf shutters for large- and medium-format camera lenses. The Copal size scale for shutters has pretty much become the de facto standard in the past 15 years or so since their introduction. In a large format setup, the shutter is mounted in a lensboard and the lens screwed into the shutter on both sides. Copal shutters usually come in sizes 0, 1 and 3 though size from 00 through 3 are apparently out there. Usually you can buy a lensboard with a hole pre-drilled in any size. However, if you can't find a board ready-made, it will be necessary have an incredibly expensive hole put into the exact center of your incredibly expensive square of wood. Your best bet at that point is to find a local machine shop to do this for you, seeing as how "kinda close" is usually just close enough to ruin your lensboard and any film you put in the camera.

Just in case you are considering having a board drilled locally, I've included the appropriate sizes in "Copal" and the corresponding diameters in millimeters(originally from
  • Copal 0: 34.8mm
  • Copal 1: 41.8mm
  • Copal 3: 65.3mm

Co"pal , [Sp., fr. Mexican copalli, generic name of resins. Clavigero.]

A resinous substance flowing spontaneously from trees of Zanzibar, Madagascar, and South America (Trachylobium Hornemannianum, T. verrocosum, and Hymenaea Courbaril), and dug from earth where forests have stood in Africa; -- used chiefly in making varnishes.



© Webster 1913.

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