Refers to a fallacy of logic in argument, specifically one of the Fallacies of Relevance. The Converse Accident is related to the Accident in that the debater leaves out important parts of an argument. The Converse Accident is also called "hasty generalization."
"That Anonymous Coward made a stupid post, so all Anonymous Cowards should be banned from Slashdot."
Compare accident(arg)
A logical fallacy in generalization where an exception to the generalization is applied when the generalization itself should be used. People often use this when they see something unfair in someone else's favor and want to take advantage of it themselves.

Example: "Since you let Melissa, who was in a coma, miss work for a month, you should let everyone miss work for a month."

To prove the fallacy, state the generalization and show how the case in point was an exception.

Hasty Generalization is something different. In that case, the induction itself is valid but the sample size is too small. Here, the induction is bad because of known evidence to the contrary.

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