Con*tin"ued (?), p.p. & a.

Having extension of time, space, order of events, exertion of energy, etc.; extended; protacted; uninterrupted; also, resumed after interruption; extending through a succession of issues, session, etc.; as, a continued story.

"Continued woe." Jenyns. "Continued succession." Locke.

Continued bass Mus., a bass continued through an entire piece of music, while the other parts of the harmony are indicated by figures beneath the bass; the same as thorough bass or figured bass; basso continuo. [It.] -- Continued fever Med., a fever which presents no interruption in its course. -- Continued fraction Math., a fraction whose numerator is 1, and whose denominator is a whole number plus a fraction whose numerator is 1 and whose denominator is a whole number, plus a fraction, and so on. -- Continued proportion Math., a proportion composed of two or more equal ratios, in which the consequent of each preceding ratio is the same with the antecedent of the folowing one; as, 4 : 8 : 8 : 16 :: 16 : 32.


© Webster 1913.

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