Adjective describing things that are the same in genus, or similar in nature. Also, as a noun, describes a company offering similar services.

Example: Taxonomists would debate whether similar flies were similar enough to be congeneric, causing them to be be scientifically classified as buzzum fibbolum and buzzum smishum.

Example: "The proposed three-way merger of BlockStackers Intergalactic, Red Hat, and the brain of Linus Torvalds will create a congeneric capable of creating damn near anything, though not at a profit." --Lou Dobbs, Moneyline, CNN. December 21, 2012.

Con`ge*ner"ic (?), Con`ge*ner"ic*al (?) , a.

Belonging to the same genus; allied in origin, nature, or action. R. Owen.


© Webster 1913

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