Blink. Zero. Blink. One. One. Blink. Zero. Zero. Zero. Blink. One. Blink. Zero. Blink. One. One. Blink. Zero.

I watch the lower-right corner digital clock not-tick away the minutes as I try to rewire the system of bits to create something that'd make Turing flip in his grave and shit his bed and fry up some eggs all at once.

I think I'm playing it, coaxing it into the right patterns. Time and time again I've got it an01011010100100d then I real1001000010011001001101010ize that it'010s not tha0110t simple.

1 don't have 1t. 1t has me. I'm the one stuck in patterns. I'm the machine and it the master. It's the dawn of a new age.


(This is pretty close to an actual nightmare I had, thus I'm putting it under "dream".)

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