Terminology from poker games, most notably Texas Hold-Em. Refers to a starting hand that consists of a Queen and a Seven that are of different suits. There are two different stories on the origin of "computer hand" that I've heard at various poker tables across the country.

One story says that an old computer simulation picked this as the best hand to compete against two Aces ("pocket rockets"). This story is not very likely, unless there was bad programming involved. The best hand to play against a pair of aces is one that contains two suited connectors, like 8- diamonds and 9-diamonds or 5-hearts and 6-hearts. This answer can be derived both logically and through computer simulation.

The other story is that a computer simulation picked Q-7 offsuit as the median starting hand. That is, when Q-7 offsuit is played against a random starting hand it wins very close to 50% of the time. This story seems more likely. In recent computer simulations Q-7 offsuit is ranked very near the middle of all the hands.

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