Ah, the 6th form common room, the only place in the entire school (with the exception of the adjoining I.T. room, which I am currently in) that I really enjoy being. It is a haven of relaxation and comfort within the prison-like environment of the school.

The common room is what replaces the form room when you reach the 6th form; as such it is sometimes habitually referred to as “the form.” It is essentially a large room in which you are allowed to spend your free time, it contains seats, desks and a vast supply of coffee, it may also contain other items depending on what school you go to. It is purpose built, as opposed to a form room which is a classroom which is open at lunch.

My school is fairly liberal and the 6th form common room is very much for 6th formers. We have music playing constantly, and the air tends to smell of tobacco and um…. something else smokable. There are large and over used squashy sofa’s scattered around the room, a kitchen, a very addictive table football game, a TV and an adjoining IT room. There is also of course the godlike and slightly eccentric coffee machine, which has helped me get through uncountable numbers of maths lessons without falling asleep. There is almost nothing better than entering the common room, dumping your bag and collapsing on the sofa to accidentally sleep through your first lesson.

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