A body piercing studio in Camden, London. I am not sure of the exact address but it is above one of the shoe shops at the top of some very industrial-looking stairs.

It is usually staffed by two resident piercers, and a visiting piercer or an apprentice. Inside, it's meticulously clean (they have numerous health certificates from Camden council) and surprisingly doesn't have the usual rock music blaring out into the street. My first impressions were - cool, but expensive. However, as someone who's had things pierced there (tongue and two conch's) I can recommend paying extra for the aftercare you get.

The staff are really knowledgeable, and the equipment they use is scrupulously cleaned (3 stages, soak, autoclave, and sealed). The jewellery can be a bit pricey, as can their cleaning kits. There is a waiting area with one room leading off it, the 'pink' room, there are three rooms upstairs, green and blue and the sterilization room (not for neutering you fool). I would say it's worth a visit to the waiting room just to see their metal sofa - it looks soft, but then chrome just isn't soft, is it?

Oh, and they follow the Piercee's Bill of Rights .

I was writing this so people could get a vague impression of the place, but it reads like an advert - a stale advert. I guess the best thing is to go and see it for yourself, but hopefully this will help you weed out the good from the bad.

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