Clansman, is a radio system, used by the British Army, introduced just in time for the Falklands Conflict.

It comes in 2 'flavors', The PRC and the VRC (Portable, or Personal Radio Clansman, and Vehical Radio Clansman).

At the time it came out, it was reliable, and highly sort after. However more recently, it has become unreliable, and out of date as security is concerned; The successor, Bowmen, was supposed to incorperate 128 bit on the fly encription, down to fire-team level; the lowest level that the infantry work with. Bowmen, is still unfortuantly under development.

The PRC comes in various sets, the 349, 350, 351, 352, 320 and 319. The 349 units are used at platoon level, 350 - 352 at company level, and 320's and 319's are used for specialist uses, since these are more broadband units, capeable of greater range, and more functions.

Good News! (at least for the British Army) - Bowmen is now offically in service! - First to the Cabbageheads and then to the rest of the Army, Starting with the Paras.

Clans"man (?), n.; pl. Clansmen (#). One belonging to the same clan with another.


© Webster 1913.

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