It came as quite a shock. At some point, our team had gotten a candy dish, and we filled it with candy. Quite a natural thing to do actually. The favorite by far was that of M&Ms around Christmas time. These colorful little candies where there for several weeks, with our team fairly consistently filling the dish. It actually worked quite nicely to bring in some people from sales as they walked by (many of whom are attractive young women - who are we to complain?)

One day one of us had brought up a small bag of Skittles to snack upon. Looking at the Skittles, it became rather apparent that they were for the most part, the same size and color of the M&Ms... and an evil gleam could be seen in our eyes.

Take a large container, pour in some M&Ms and some Skittles and shake. Pour the resulting mix into a candy dish. So, some people come by and grab a handful of what was expected to be some plain M&Ms and find a whole range of flavors instead - chocolate, lime, cherry, orange. The texture also isn't quite what was expected. Previously a consistently hard candy was now somewhat gooey.

People often had strange faces as they tasted the unexpected mix for the first time. They would come back later with a friend, allowing the friend to have the first handful. It was a source of constant laughs until everyone in the building knew of it.

A side note - chocolate goes quite well with the orange and red Skittles from the standard set - just watch out for the flavor clashes from the other types of Skittles.

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