Chiew is a chinese alcoholic drink that comes in both fermented and distilled forms. Naturally the distilled form is much stronger (40-50% abv) than the fermented styles (10-15% abv. The fermented form is closely similar to Japanese Sake
Chiew exists in many different styles, distilled from wheat, sorghum and rice, and flavoured with ginger, lychee, ginseng, and other herbs. It's basically a vodka or eau-de-vie.
Don't drink the stuff you buy in a Chinese grocery, it's 2% salt.
Lychee Chiew from Taiwan is good and can be purchased at liquour stores in Chinatowns, I got some in NY.
Combine 2 oz Vodka with 1 oz of Lychee Chiew and shake with ice for a Lychitini.

Strong distilled Chiew brands include Pearl River Bridge, who make a wide variety of Chinese sauces.

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