Chinese soft martial art. Less commonly known than Tai Chi but from the same basic school. Chi kung is largely breathing techniques but there are also pressure points and movements like Tai Chi. It's called internal alchemy or sinew metamorphisis and focuses on the conscious direction of chi. Some schools of Chi kung are iron shirt or iron fist. Iron Shirt concentrates on making yourself impervious to weapons where as iron fist means you can punch like the dickens :) It's practiced by the Shaolin and the Taoists.

I've seen Shaolin monks bend spears and metal rods against their bare flesh. When my dad lived in hong kong there were street performers breaking rocks with their finger tips.

Some chi kung practitioners are said to be able to heal with their chi or even externalize it to be used as a weapon.

Chi kung may also be spelled chi gong, qi kung, or qi gong.

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