In ADOM, "chaos roulette" is a term for the practice of dipping Moon Sickle or another corrupting artifact into random potions to create a supply of potions of raw chaos, and then repeatedly dipping items into the potions of raw chaos in hopes of getting an item you want (say, an amulet of life saving for Khelavaster).

Playing chaos roulette is very risky, because when you dip items into potions of raw chaos, sometimes they change into other items, but sometimes they explode, causing a lot of damage (100-200 HP) and severe corruption. If you feel you must do it, ensure that you are not cursed or doomed, are intrinsically lucky, have fate smiling on you, and are wearing as many luck-enhancing items as you can. Blessing the potions of raw chaos also reduces the risk of an explosion. Finally, you are more likely to get rare items if you play chaos roulette on a dangerous level such as the second level of the Dwarven Halls.

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