This is a somewhat odd trick, to be pulled out at just the right moment...

Suppose you (and a few cronies) have had the occasion to open a bottle of Champagne. After a glass, or two, you might want to ask about the tradition of the Champagne Chair, whether it might be found primarily in a Victorian a) restaurant, b)brothel, or c) dollhouse. (The word Victorian alone will set most minds dancing...)

All at once, there will be a host of 'definitive' explanations for the term: They've heard that the Champagne Chair is reserved for only the best patrons, but they can't figure out what was involved, or that they've seen, with their own eyes, a scenario whereby two women and one was poured upon his chest, and the other woman drank it down see...they saw it on You Tube!

At which point, you show your definitive sophistication. Take in hand, the mantle which is the wire and cap module keeping the cork in place, and make it into a tiny chair. This, you place into the hand of whoever you feel is your sweetheart of the evening. The would-be pornographer will be forced to recant, while you will find yourself in a much better position to have a little sex of your own....

It's fairly easy: the mantle has four little legs already, plus a seat, which is made of thin sheet metal. The only tough part is getting the last bit of wire up to make a back, which can be done by hand, but a Leatherman helps. Some people can make a loop in the wire, which gives the chair a classic Michael Thonet look, but anything vaguely backshaped that sticks up is good. As always, practice makes perfect, which gives you a ready excuse to have more champagne in your life.

Astonishingly, for all the people who will not have heard of this, the trick has been shown in a major motion picture, and even has inspired an international design competition sponsored by Design Within Reach, whereby furniture designers were given the mantle, foil and corks of up to two bottles to play with. Reportedly, wheelchairs, Eames chairs and pretty much every modern design have been tried...Some have succeeded.

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