The term used to describe a dance that is performed while seated in a chair. One might be listening to tunes (that is, totally groovin' muzik) and suddenly have the urge to cut a rug, do a little dance, swivel a little hip, etc., etc.. however, if one doesn't feel like standing, or happens to be busy multi-tasking, chair dancing will come into play.

To effectively chair dance, one must become one with the music. Let your body move freely, and yet, not, because you'll still be sitting. Don't be afraid of appearing foolish, not that you won't, because, well, you will. Be prepared for a few strange looks, and possibly a snide remark or two. (eg: "Knock it off, freak!")

Chair dancing may also refer to dancing with a chair. This is usually frowned upon, because it is completely insane. (EMBRACE THE INSANITY!!!)

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