A Caro is a small furry and overly cute denizen in the console RPG game Grandia 2. It resembles the classic shape of a squirrel except for its more dramatized features such as its large anime style eyes and unique luminescent tall, which is nearly double its own size. Playing no serious role in the game except for comic relief, the Caro is at most an interesting brown, orange and white mascot. The little rodent enjoys various types of Nuts and can be found throught the world in both Grandias. At one point during a scripted sequence, the hero (player) is required to collect a certain amount of nuts without being bashed on the head by falling rocks in order to appease these dancing furries. Upon compleation of the quest the characters a greeted with a celebration of performing Caros.

Caro, in Italian, means dear, beloved or expensive. Not really to do with money, but with value. Expensively dear. Intensely beloved and worthful. Ciao caro mio. Hello my dear one.

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