One aspect of our (Merkian) culture:

The worker-hero was a fixture of Soviet propaganda. He was a muscular steelworker, a lathe operator, a mechanic; he dammed and bridged mighty rivers and churned out shells for the Red Army. The worker-hero also briefly entered allied propaganda during World War II, in the form of Rosie the Riveter and such.

(Most democratic capitalistic societies at least don't make the pretense of being founded on the principles of fraternity and equality. In this regard, to borrow from Lincoln, overt tyranny is preferable to damnable lies.)

Similarly, the capitalist-hero appears in the novels of Horatio Alger and Ayn Rand. (The latter's worship of the ├╝bercapitalist is positively Nietzscheian.) Bill Gates and Steve Jobs grace the pages of Time and Newsweek.

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