Cand-E kids can also be spotted in the wild by their colorful and oftentimes oversized plumage. A fully mature cand-E kid is easily identifed by their brightly colored hair and the adornement of glow-bead bracelets, as well as the trademark oversized pants this breed is known for.

When persuing a prospective mate, the cand-E kid performs an ornate mating dance that usually involves the manipulation of glowsticks and kicking their legs around in a random fashion. One they have gotten the attention of another cand-E kid, the two will usually plop down on the grass and massage each other while inhaling Vicks Vapo-Rub from dust masks.

It is relatively easy to track the movements of cand-E kids. They travel in packs of three or more, and one of them is always wearing a furry backback that you can easily stick a homing device on without them noticing.

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