Roman Catholic activist group founded in 1976 after the "historic" American bishops council "Call to Action."

Call to Action's (CTA) mission is the complete transformation of Catholicism according to what may be perceived as the needs of postmodern society (if "postmodernism" has a definition in itself.) CTA includes progressive laypeople, liberal academics, male and female religious, and clergymen. All share this perception that the Roman Church is lacking direction in these areas:

1. Absence of a democratic government. CTA members find the papal "monarchy" repulsive since it does not mesh well with current democratic ideals in western society. CTA would rather see more collegiality with prelates.

2. Absence of gender-fair ordination. CTA desperately would like to see women ordained as priests. Undaunted by recent Vatican proclamations declaring the issue of women's ordination permanently closed, CTA continues to advance academic and pragmatic arguments as to why women deserve to be ordained. This issue alone has made CTA a pariah in the eyes of conservative Catholics.

3. Absence of further reform in liturgy. CTA also would like to see Roman Catholic liturgy step away from any ancient form of worship into a very inclusive, politically correct, and language neutral action. For example, CTA would like to see inclusive language throughout the Mass; this includes replacing mankind with humanity, etc. CTA has a deep dislike of those who attend Tridentine Masses and those devoted to ancient forms of liturgy.

CTA is one of those organizations that Catholics either love or hate, but rarely view objectively. It's hard to take CTA seriously when one is conservative, and vice versa.

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