Brigadeiro is a Brazilian sweet that tastes like chocolate on steroids. Mandatory in children's birthday parties, it is fairly easy to prepare (but for a small catch *grin*), and is made countrywide by sweet hungry youngsters.

It is named after the highest patent in the Brazilian air force - that would be brigadier in English.

In its most elaborate form, it's presented as balls about 3 centimeters (1 and a little inch) in diameter, sprinkled with granulated chocolate. When prepared to be eaten immediately by children, chocoholics, people gathered to watch a video, and gwidions in general it is swallowed in cream form, with no one having time or patience to carefully shape the little balls, much less sprinkling. This granulated chocolate is mostly low quality and too sugar tasted to be usefull anyway.

The catch is that the main ingredient to making the brigadeiro is condensed milk (a nodeshell as I write this). It is not common out of Brazil and East Asian countries (thanks to narzoz on this). Imagine whole milk. Now imagine the water removed to it until it's dense, too dense to fall when turned upside down, it can only flow slowly. This, I think, is known as evaporated milk (another nodeshell), and luckily can be found elsewere in the world. Now add sugar to that. A lot of sugar. It is now a white - light yellow cream that burn a little so sweet it is.

If you are in Brazil, just walk to your favorite supermarket or grocery store, pick your brand of condensed milk for about a buck and a half, and you are game. If you are not, them you may be able to find it in ethnic grocery stores

The Recipe

  • ingredients

    1. 1 can (400g) of condensed milk
    2. 2 table spoons (~50g) of powdered chocolate
    3. 1 table spoon (~30g) of butter
  • preparing

    Just pour the ingredients in a pan, and put it on a low fire, stirring non-stop. When the cream is no longer sticking to the pan when you stir, it is ready. Just pour it in a plate anointed with butter, and let it get cold.

    It will them get more consistent and ready to be eaten or made into little fancy balls to be served in a party.

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