Adj.: Said to be both blessed and cursed at the same time.

But, what does it mean to be «blessed» and «cursed»? As one might guess, these words have a slightly different meaning online than offline.1 And, also like other terms, it’s easier to show examples rather than strict definitions.

«Blessed» in this context is the opposite of «Cursed». I mention this because «Blessed» does appear in UrbanDictionary since 2008, but it has nothing to do with the modern, internet-y perception of cursed, but rather with altered states of consciousness. We need to understand «Cursed» first.

So what’s «Cursed» then? UD refers to /r/cursedimages, as «an image/video that causes confusion, eeriness or dread». If you’ve early pictures of Mickey Mouse costumes, you might have a good idea of cursed-ness.

So its opposite is media that cause a sense of cozyness, calmness and generally warm fuzzy feelings. Like a news post reporting cheetahs that have emotional support dogs.

So «Blursed» is a rare mix of things that elicit both of these responses in one way or another. Therefore it might be impossible to set strong examples in the same way as its elemental components. Those are extremes and this one is a balance point, and thus very sensitive to personal feelings.

I for one treasure the blursed in my life. It’s a very interesting mix of feelings and it’s nowhere near as common as the other two. I don’t get to experience blursed feelings often, and like a good shower beer they often take the best of both worlds.

Personal example: TFW you’re feeling sad but also want to dance: Olivia Rodrigo’s «drivers license» (sic) mixed with duranguense-style music

  1. I hesitate to use «IRL» because it furthers the lie that internet is not real life.


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