"...done up in blueprint blue,
it sure looks good on you.
and when you smile for the camera, ...
I know they're gonna love it."

peg-Steely Dan

She gets onto the train in her bright blue coat and fits in like a zebra at a greyhound track. Heads turn, eyes stare she is cool . So slick. Sits down and applies lip gloss like it is a technical assignment. Pulls various bottles of lotion out of her bag and applies them surgically . It is too practiced a manner to be casual. She is not so much oblivious as she is above it. Her blue eyes, made electric by the coat, glaze through the steamy car. She shakes her perm out of her eyes, careful not to get hairspray on her sleeves. What was at first attractive is now only a curiosity. How could such a delicate flower find it's way into this not so green house? Who was fooling whom?

At her stop she slides off the seat and clicks to the doors. I notice as I move forward she has left something on her seat. It's a child's book- meant for her true destination-someone who would appreciate such a performance.

Blue clues.

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