Kitten whiskers tickling my face, that's how I will remember "grey girl" after I find her a home. The vet says she's a "blue tabby with white". Whatever, silver-grey and white by any other name... Her mother was a stray, pregnant and starving when I took her in. Ava is very protective of her kittens, and they fear everything she fears, and some things she doesn't (me for instance). Grey girl overcame her fear of me in a way I won't soon forget.

I was lying on the floor when grey girl brought her little one-pound body face to face with my 175 pound frame. She was curious like a kitten should be, sniffing every inch of my face as I tried not to react, tried to forget that I'm ticklish, because any sudden move would scare her. Her sisters were using me as a jungle gym, and started wrestling on my back as I lay there. I paid no attention th their claws in my flesh as the mock battle raged. Grey girl had discovered my eyes.

It fascinated her when I blinked. Her immature eyes, not yet their final color, never looked away from my blue-grey ones. I found that if I closed one eye at a time, she would always focus on the one that was open. Overcome with curiosity, she slowly reached out a paw, and was startled to find something in her way. She only looked confused for a second, but then her paw was gently reaching around my glasses. She gave a little tug, but they didn't come off my face. Then came an exploratory bite at the frames while her soft fur caressed my face. She looked into my eyes one last time, and then she was off to pick a fight with her brother.

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