The psychoradioactive residue resulting from the collision between a nuclear fission weapon of over 10 megatons and a Nova Grade or better Evtrix instrusion probe. The rapid replication of blaerto in an oxygen or methane rich atmosphere results in the highly contagious disease known as Ennui Plague. The proliferation of blaerto in the late 13th millenia S.T. and the recognition of the danger it entailed was responsible for the cessation of hostilities between the Evtrii and Earthlings. By the early 14th millenia, the word blaerto had degenerated in usage to become a colloquial term for the act or product of defecation. Even today, exclamations such as, “Why you blaerto-for-brains,” or “Well, I'll be dipped in blaerto” are not uncommon throughout the known multiverse.

Evtrii lexicography begets tragedy
The popular image of the Evtrii also evolved, in parallel with the blaerto. Perhaps because of an onamonapoeic coincidence, or as a result of the unfortunate resemblance of the the only known holimage of an Evitrii coalescence colony to autopsy holimages of human viscera infected with blaerto, the entire race of Evitrii became known to humans as Eviscera, and among vulgar humans, Vomitra. Although among informed xenoculturalists Evitrii are considered neither repulsive nor aggressive, nevertheless popular scapegoating of the Evitrii for the blaerto plague, combined with the unfortunate linguistic associations in human Colingo, created an ineradicable meme associating the "Vomitra" with unspeakable acts of sexual depravity and cannibalism. As the Vomitra were a "prime paracyclic" race of 13 and 17 local randomly timed psychoradioactive flux bursts, it was not until the end of the 14th millenium that humans re-encountered the Vomitra, with unfortunate results for both races. --from my friend Nathan

tragedy blossoms into art
Indeed, some scholars have suggested that the barbarically vicious 14th and 15th millenium Vomitra/You-man wars were instrumental in sparking the multiversal reemergence of TCD (see The Creeping Darkness/Sauron/Lord Foul). And while it cannot be denied that TCD did arise at this time--and could have obliterated all aspects of reality were it not for the appearance of Tandav’Da the Liberator--other scholars justifiably scoff at the notion that such a far-reaching event can be traced to a relatively provincial squabble in one small and folded pocket of the multiverse. But, be that as it may (scholars will after all be scholars), the Vomitra/You-man wars were pivotal not only in reshaping that pocket of the multiverse--eventually resulting in the unexpected Vomitra/You-man allegiance of tolerance + cooperation = peace that is still having lasting effects to this day--but also in the birth of the surprising art of Vomitra haiku, the humorous offering of seemingly simple bodily-fluid poetry that has since become a prestigious spiritual tradition in many far reaching cultures.

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