Also known as a Rabbit Eared Bandicoot or a Dalgyte.

The bilby is an Australian marsupial. It looks like a kangaroo, except its body length, not counting the tail, is only about 2 to 5.5cm. It has long ears and a long nose. The bottom half of its tail is white, while the top half is black. Its soft fur is blue-gray on its back and white on its belly.

The bilby is different from the other bandicoots in that it burrows. It uses its sharp clawed front paws to dig and its rear paws to push the dirt away. It will dig several burrows on its home range, each 1 to 2 meters deep. The bilby sleeps in its burrow squatting, not laying down.

It eats insects, small mice, and the occasional plant stuff. It's nocturnal and solitary. It has a great sense of hearing, but poor eyesight. In the Spring the female and male join for mating purposes. The female raises the litter, which consists of 1 to 3 pups. In captivity, the bilby lives about 8 years.


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