big fish little fish which are you
look past little fish, we are through
little fish stay out of my way
I'd rather catch a big fish any day

big fish little fish look on line
rewards are offered all the time
could your fraud really be that big?
are you a psychopath or just a pig?

big fish little fish borrow a phone
rather not use the tapped one at home
big fish conscience size of an ant
gets the little fish to say the rant

big fish little fish stay afloat
a real fish wouldn't need a boat
underestimate me as a bitch
you forget you're dealing with a witch

big fish little fish planning flight
load the boat with gold at night
witches always sense the lie
big fish freedom say goodbye

big fish little fish sadden me
you think you will walk away free
big fish don't put up your sail
I hope to see you go to jail

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