I play in a bell choir at my church and have for four years. My church has had a bell choir for as long as I can remember. However, one of my friends had never heard or seen a bell choir, and he is very into music.

A bell choir is a group of people who play bells. The bells are arranged much like keys on a piano or a keyboard. The musicians in the bell choir only play a few notes, for example, I have four bells. The music looks like piano music, with two clefs. Sometimes the music is split into four parts, like choir music, with bass, tenor, alto and soprano parts. When playing bell music, a person sits and watches for their particular note to come up, and at the appropriate time, they play their bell.

Bell choirs are also very nice to listen too. The music can be beautiful, with harmonies and melodies that sound so pretty. There can also be dark, minor songs that sound depressing. There are also joyous songs, with organ or piano accompaniments. Basically, bells are a versitale as a piano, able to play any mood or any feel.

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