A distracting amusement for the passengers in a car. Useful to keep siblings from killing each other while the family is out on a road trip, or to keep a lonely driver awake on boring highways. Examples include punch bug, perdiddle, road sign alphabet, and highway bingo.

White Horse is the game my grandpa invented. The rules are simple...if you see a white horse, you shout out {duhhhh) White Horse! and you get a point. Who ever has the most points at the end of a trip gets to choose where we go for ice cream. So it's a little unstructured.....it's going on 3 generations of traveling Fishers and Bakers and Watson's now..and it still keeps us watching. I think maybe the true value of the game is that it makes us look a little closer at the farms and ranches along our travel route, and there are often interesting things there that might have been missed. We also carry a blank map of the United States with us. They can be bought at educational stores, the ones that sell supplies for teachers. We watch for license plates from different states and color in and label the states that we find. It's the best way I know of to learn the 50 states.

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